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2017年6月19~25日にかけて、“Stable isotope micro-analytical techniques”と称したA02-2元素分配班主催のインターンシップを開催いたしました。京都大、東北大、岡山大から5人の参加者をお迎えし、同位体の基礎から応用、分析技術に関する座学と、実践的な分析技術を学びました。

Student internship program on “Stable isotope micro-analytical techniques”

We are glad to announce an internship program for postgraduate students to learn the practical aspects of analytical techniques used for stable isotopes by conventional isotope ratio mass spectrometry. The internship will start with an introductory one day lecture on the basics of stable isotope geochemistry. This will be followed by rigorous hands on experience on experimental techniques as given below
(i) Micro volume sampling techniques for different minerals,
(ii) Handling of ultra-high vacuum metal and glass lines,
(iii) Methods for preparation, separation and purification of various gas species for stable isotope measurements (CO2, H2O, N2, O2, SF6),
(iv) Dual inlet gas source mass spectrometry,
(v) Data reduction and practical applications

Date June 19-24, 2017 (five nights and six days)
Venue Faculty of Science, Niigata University
Language Japanese and/or English
Participants Post graduate students (Max. 6 students)
Prerequisites Basic knowledge in chemistry
Support Travel expenses will be supported upon request
Expenses Participants have to bear food and accommodation expenses by themselves
Coordinator Prof. M. Satish-Kumar (
Application Please send an email request to the coordinator to obtain the application form
DEADLINE: 20th May, 2017