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日時 2019年8月25日(日)~8月27日(火)(二泊三日)
場所 高知県しもなの郷
お問い合わせ 事務局白石(shiraishi -at-

10:00 Gather at Ehime Univ.
10:15 Bus : Depart from Ehime Univ.
12:10 Bus : Stop at Drive-in-Hikijibashi (Lunch)
14:00 Bus : Arrive at Shimona-no-Sato

1st session 15:00-16:30 (Sunday, Aug. 25th)

○15:00-15:45 Sebastian Ritterbex (Postdoc, Ehime Univ)
“Implication of the B1-B2 phase transition for MgO diffusion and the fate of convection in super-Earth mantles”

○15:45-16:30 鈴木 裕輝 (Y. Suzuki, D3, U Tokyo)
“Mantle flows at the lowermost mantle beneath the Northern Pacific inferred by 3-D waveform inversion for radially anisotropic structure”

2nd session 09:00-11:15 (Monday, Aug. 26th)

○09:00-09:45 大場 篤朗 (A. Ohba, M1, Ehime Univ)
“First-principles prediction of hydrogen partitioning between the core and mantle”

○09:45-10:30 西原 健 (T. Nishihara, M1, Ehime Univ)

○10:30-11:15 Christine Hernlund(Specially Appointed Assistant Professor, Tokyo Tec.)
“Exposing the lower mantle iron spin transition using seismic tomography”

3rd session 15:00-17:15 (Monday, Aug. 26th)

○15:00-15:45 近藤 望(N. Kondo, Postdoc, Ehime Univ)
“Sink/float experiment of olivine in Fe-rich ultramafic melt generated in the Hadean mantle”

○15:45-16:30 Trishit Ruj(Postdoc, U Tokyo)
“Volcano tectonic evolution of Mars”

○16:30-17:15 土屋 旬(J. Tsuchiya,Associate Professor,Ehime Univ)
“D/H partitioning between forsterite, wadsleyite, and ringwoodite: ab initio free energy calculation”

4th session 09:00-11:00 (Tuesday, Aug. 27th)

○09:00-09:45 河合 研志 (K. Kawai,Associate Professor,U Tokyo)
“Seismic wavefield properties in cracked and saturated solids”

○09:45-10:30 土屋 卓久(T. Tsuchiya,Professor,Ehime Univ)
“Pressure dependence of metal-silicate noble gas partitioning by thermodynamic integration”

○10:30-11:00 Discussion

11:30 Lunch
13:00 Bus : Depart from Shimona-no-Sato
13:30-15:10 Yokokura-Mt. Nature Musium
16:20 Bus : Stop at Michi-no-eki SunSun (Break 10 mins)
17:30 Bus : Stop at JR Matsuyama Sta.
18:00 Bus : Arrive at Ehime Univ.