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2015年10月16、17日に新新潟大学で研究項目A02「化学分析」合同研究集会 “A02-Strategies on geochemical studies in “Core-Mantle Evolution”が開催されました。

Strategies on geochemical studies in “Core-Mantle Evolution” Program
October 16, 2015
13:00 : Welcome address: M. Satish-Kumar (Niigata University)
13:05 : Taku Tsuchiya (Ehime University)
Some expectations toward the geochemistry groups in the Core-Mantle Evolution project
13:15 : Ryuichi Nomura (TIT)
Core formation and metal-silicate partitioning
13:45 : Gen Shimoda (AIST)
The HIMU-FOZO-PREMA connection: variable amount of dehydration water and compositional diversity
of recycled oceanic crust
14:15 : Nozomi Kondo (Kyoto University)
Formation of the geochemical missing reservoir and core-mantle differentiation
14:45 : Tetsu Kogiso (Kyoto University)
マントルの PGE 学で明らかにすべきことは何か
Coffee Break
15:15 : Kenji Mibe (Tokyo University)
Fluids and melts in the shallow upper mantle
15:45 : Hiroyuki Kagi (Tokyo University)
16:15 : Seiji Kamada (Tohoku University)
Light elements partitioning between mantle minerals and core materials
16:45 Shigehiko Tateno (ISEI, Okayama University)
Metal-silicate isotope fractionation of Si at high PT conditions
17:00 Furukawa Sano Asami (J-Parc)
Experimental study of isotope fractionation at high-P
17:30 M. Satish-Kumar (Niigata University)
Light element isotope fractionation in deep Earth
18:00 Miki Tasaka (Niigata University)
19:00 : Conference Dinner

October 17, 2015
9:00 : Yuji Sano (Tokyo University)
Radiogenic and stable isotope measurements by NanoSIMS”
9:30 : Tsuyoshi Iizuka (Tokyo University)
What tungsten isotopes tell us about core-mantle evolution
10:00 : Shoichi Itoh (Kyoto University)
What limitation do you need with SIMS analyses in the current technique? Introduction to the new SIMS
facility at Kyoto University.
10:30 : Ishikawa Akira (Tokyo University)
Highly siderophile element constraints on core-mantle interaction: evidence from terrestrial samples
11:00 : Hirochika Sumino (Tokyo University)
11:30 : Katzhiko Suzuki (JAMSTEC)
12:00 : Discussion and concluding remarks