Prof. Andrew Jackson(ETH)による国際セミナーを開催いたしました

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2018年4月10日に、東京大学地震研究所にてProf. Andrew Jackson(ETH)による国際セミナーを開催いたしました。



MEXT Shin-Gakujutsu “Core-Mantle Coevolution” International Seminar

日時 2018年4月10日(火)16:30 – 18:00
場所 東京大学地震研究所 第2会議室(2号館2階)
講師 Prof. Andrew Jackson(ETH Zürich)
講義題目 Optimal control in MHD: towards kinematic and dynamic dynamos
講義の概要 Optimal control is used frequently as a method of finding solutions to differential equations that
evolve to specific terminal conditions. Together with 4D variational data assimilation (4DVar), it has acquired widespread use in seismology (where it tends to be called the adjoint method) and in fluid mechanical stability problems.Here I will give a couple of examples of its use in the dynamo problem, the question of how to maintain magnetic fields through fluid motion. One is a purely kinematic problem, finding the optimal fluid flow to maintain magnetic fields; optimality is measured in terms of a minimum amount of shear or enstrophy. The second is how to maintain a dynamo when viscosity is vanishingly small: the famous problem of Taylor (1963). I will show some axisymmetric solutions for this problem.
問い合わせ A03-1 清水 久芳(shimizu -at-