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Maxim D. Ballmer博士(ETH Zürich)による国際レクチャーを以下の要領で開催いたします。

日時 2018年1月17日(水)~19日(金)の三日間
17日:2~4限 18日:2~3限 19日:2~4限
2 時限 10 時 25 分 ~ 12 時 10 分
3 時限 13 時 00 分 ~ 14 時 45 分
4 時限 14 時 55 分 ~ 16 時 40 分
場所 東京大学 理学部1号館8階839号室ほか(変更になる可能性があります)
講師 Maxim D. Ballmer博士(ETH Zürich)
講義題目 固体地球科学特論II
講義の目標・概要 This course will provide the theoretical background of mantle convection on terrestrial planets, teach the basics of numerical modeling of fluid dynamics with solid-Earth applications, and also give examples of how to test numerical-model predictions with geological, geochemical, and geophysical observations. The goal of this course is to understand the objectives and potentials of numerical modeling, as well as to learn how to program a simple isoviscous thermo-mechanical model using finite-difference discretization. Basic knowledge of a programming language is desired but not necessarily required.
講義スケジュール 1. Background on Mantle Convection
2. Comparing model predictions with observation at the example of geodynamic simulations of the mantle plume
3. Thermochemical convection and numerical-model predictions
4. Introduction of the finite difference approximation for the solution of differential equations. Introduction to programming in Matlab
5. Solving the 1D and 2D Poisson equation
6. Solving the momentum and continuity equations
7. Boundary conditions (free-sip, no-slip) and solving the heat equation
8. Developing a coupled thermo-mechanical model for isoviscous mantle convection
問い合わせ A03-1 河合研志(